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Chart 7C colour space

Printing standard for seven-colour offset packaging printing

Short name: Printing standard for packaging printing

Fogra no. 32.176
Project leader: J. Gemeinhardt
Funding: BMWK (IGF) via AiF


Timescale: 01.09.2021 - 30.11.2023

Research Report

Objective and relevance

Working with variable spot colours has many disadvantages from an economic point of view. These can be avoided if multicolour printing is operated with a fixed set of seven primary colours (CMYKOGV).

However, exploiting its potential is associated with major challenges. Therefore, the planned research project is intended to support print service providers in its introduction and working in daily practice.

Jürgen Gemeinhardt

Head of Printing Techniques

+49 89 431 82 - 256

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Solution steps

OGV printing inks, folding boxboard and label papers on the market are to be characterised in the laboratory. Extensive printing tests are also planned on the sheet-fed offset press at Fogra. Different ink sequences and screening algorithms will be used. In addition, the new SCTV method is to be applied with the aim of achieving linear tone value behaviour in printing.

Colour trace

Targeted results

On the one hand, those printing conditions are to be determined that lead to the best possible printing result. On the other hand, the scientific basis for a new printing standard that ensures a smooth workflow is to be created.

It includes the colourimetric characterisation of the materials to be used and the process parameters for the production run.