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Pictureframing imprint

Reduction of "Picture Framing" in sheet-fed offset printing through targeted selection of material and application parameters

Short name: Reduction of “Picture Framing”

Fogra no. 32.169
Project leader: J. Gemeinhardt
Funding: BMWK (IGF) via AiF

Timescale: 01.01.2016 - 31.03.2018

Research Report

Objective and relevance

The deposits outside the paper format known as “Picture Framing” affect many sheet-fed offset print shops. The particles can lead to undesirable build-up on the blanket and impression cylinder. The washing processes required as a result of this significantly reduces the cost-effectiveness of print production.

However, suitable solutions or prevention measures have not been available to date. Therefore, the only way for print shops to find out which material combinations and machine settings are best is to try them out individually.

Jürgen Gemeinhardt

Head of Printing Techniques

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Solution steps

The research project aims to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms of “Picture Framing”. By identifying the essential influencing parameters and their metrological determination, targeted remedial measures are to be established. Special attention will be paid to the moisture balance, which will be examined for the first time for detailed correlations with the phenomenon. It can thus be assumed that this is a key variable both in terms of the origin and possible reduction of the disturbing build-up.

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Achieved results

The amount of fountain solution present on the printing plate and in the ink has a major effect on the degree of “Picture Framing”. The higher it is, the lower the build-up is usually. The printing inks and printing plates also have a significant influence.

While viscosity is the decisive property for printing inks, no specific parameter could be identified for printing plates. Furthermore, “Picture Framing” is reduced by deactivating the “Vario” and switching off the bridge roller in the inking unit.