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Mutlicolor newstitel

Professional colour communication in multiprimary printing

Short name: Colour gamut in multiprimary printing

Fogra no. 13.003
Project leader: Yuan Li
Funding: BMWK (IGF) via AiF 

Timescale: 1.3.2019 - 28.2.2021

Research Report

Objective and relevance

This research project aims to derive important requirements for a predictable and professional workflow for industrial multicolor printing. This includes the development of a test suite, which, together with its documentation and evaluation matrix, simplifies the comparison of current applications for the preparation and processing of multicolor objects. Furthermore, a multicolor printing grid is to be developed based on the analysis of typical multicolor systems across printing processes.

Furthermore, an exchange color space for retouching and separation of multicolor print objects will be developed and introduced as part of an ISO standard. In addition, practice-oriented documentation for professional color communication for multicolor printing in the form of a guide in ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) is to be introduced.

Yuan Li

Prepress Technology

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Solution steps

The project consists of 3 focuses and a total of 12 work packages (WP):

Focus 1: Data preparation

  • WP2: Design and documentation of the test-suite

  • WP3: Creation of test and measuring elements for colorimetric examination

  • WP5: Evaluation matrix

Focus 2: Colour characterisation

  • WP6: Analysis of multicolor printing colour spaces

  • WP7: Comparison of modeling approaches

  • WP8: Development of test charts for validation and testing

  • WP9: Multicolour print proofing infrastructure (hard and soft proof)

Focus 3: Standardization and documentation

  • WP10: Preparation of the ECG Guideline

  • WP11: Development of an objective evaluation method for multicolor separation

  • WP12: Development of standard proposal and final report

The work packages 1 and 4 are cross-cutting:

WP1: Theme website, discussion forum, intermediate results and downloads

WP4: Accompanying print tests

7C exchange color space

FOGRA55 is a 7C (CMYKOGV) exchange colour space from Fogra that meets the following requirements:

  • Short designation: CMYKOGV-based gamut exchange space

  • CMYK as FOGRA51 (including gray balance)

  • White point as FOGRA51 (95 1.5 -6)

  • Green/Orange/Violet: SCTV linearized

  • Orange: CIELAB 65 58 88 (M1-based)

  • Green: CIELAB 60 -75 0 (M1-based)

  • Violet: CIELAB 22 47 -56 (M1-based)

  • Proofable with EP-SC with orange and green and violet

Research results

Within the scope of this research project, investigations were carried out and tools were created to support professional colour communication, data preparation, data exchange and colour characterisation in multicolour printing (ECG, Expanded Colour Gamut). The Fogra ECG-7C-test form was developed for ECG process control and cross-process applications as well as ECG characterisation.

The 7C exchange colour space FOGRA55, which was further developed during the project, offers a new possibility for data preparation and consistent colour communication of high-quality printed matter produced in multicolour printing systems. 


Aiming at the objective evaluation of the separation quality of pictorial originals as a supplement to spot colours, a new approach was investigated, an evaluation method developed and published.

With the aim of assessing the usability of typical colour management applications for multicolour printing, various properties were tested. The main focus was on the accuracy of characterisation, profiling and test print production. The results of these tests show the improvements made during the project and the market readiness ultimately achieved.

Meeting documents & Downloads

TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra ECG test form The four-page Fogra ECG-7C test form contains the characterisation chart for CMYKOGV-like systems as well as test elements for the analysis of essential process parameters. 3 08.07.2021 zip 1 MB Download
MKcheck_ecg_7C-beta 7C media wedge evaluation table with evaluations for proof print, validation print and PSD PrintCheck. With sample data and FOGRA55 as a reference. 1.9 09.07.2021 xlsm 222 KB Download Characterization dataset and ICC-profile of FOGRA55 (CMYKOGV-based exchange colour space) 4.0 15.09.2021 zip 2 MB Download
PA_202009_Multicolor_Agenda.pdf Project Advisory Group meeting files (9.23.2020) 1.0 05.10.2020 pdf 186 KB Download
PA_202009_Multicolor_Slides.pdf Project Advisory Group meeting files (9.23.2020) 1.0 05.10.2020 pdf 3 MB Download
PA_202009_Multicolor_Minutes.pdf Project Advisory Group meeting files (9.23.2020) 1.0 05.10.2020 pdf 93 KB Download
PA_202009_Attendees.pdf Project Advisory Group meeting files (9.23.2020) 08.10.2020 pdf 1 MB Download


TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
Fogra Aktuell 217 Success Story Multicolor Forum 2.0 - Interview with Dr. Andreas Kraushaar (german) 06/2019 25.09.2019 pdf 1 MB Download
Objective evaluation of the separation quality of images in multicolor printing Introduction of the objective evaluation metric for profile quality in multicolor printing on the ICC meeting in the ICC PROFILE ASSESSMENT WORKING GROUP (PAWG) on Oct.20.2020 5 20.10.2020 pdf 2 MB Download

Multicolor Forum (MCF)

The Fogra Multicolor Forum provides a manufacturer-neutral, technical view of the state of art of multicolor technology. The focus is on the discussion of technical aspects of ECG technology along the workflow for both suppliers and users.

A detailed description of the individual use cases and the test regime derived from them can be found in the summery 2019 and summery 2018. Please also check the recording of the MCF2019 results in the Colour Management Café on 16.01.2020, which is available in the Fogra media library.

Multicolor forum cover image