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(Failure) analysis

You can contact us with all questions concerning material testing. We are also there for you in the event of damage and will find causes and solutions for the problems that have arisen.


Your benefit

Do the following devices mean anything to you?

  • Scanning electrone microscope

  • Argon ion milling system

  • UV/Vis and infrared-Spectrometer

  • Gas and high performance liquid chromatography

  • Surface tension measuring device

  • Contact angle measuring device

  • Rheometer

  • Inkomat

To us they do ...

After all, we use our laboratory equipment and testing devices on a daily basis to competently deal with your questions, troubleshoot and present the results to you in the form of comprehensible expert reports.

Should you have any questions about materials or require an analysis of special material properties (e.g. water content, viscosity of printing inks, surface energies, tear resistance, paint or ink film thickness determination) – we are your competent partner!

Dr Philipp Stolper

Head of Materials & Environment

+49 89 431 82 - 354

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Your contact

You are welcome to contact me for all questions concerning material testing and error analysis. I will be at your side to advise you and also help you to completely eliminate material problems in the future.

What you need to do

In our (failure) analyses, the material provided is very important. Simply contact us without obligation and we will advise you which materials must be provided in what quantity for a meaningful test and how you should ideally package the samples to avoid possible contamination with neighbouring materials.

For the tests we need

  • the faulty samples and components from the various production steps,

  • comparative copies without the defects complained of ("good samples"),

  • a detailed description of the production, sample, error or task,

  • nformation on the timing of the individual production stages.

Please send the samples to:  

Fogra Forschungsinstitut für Medientechnologien e.V.
Department Materials & Environment
Einsteinring 1a
85609 Aschheim b. München

Please make sure that no transfer to good samples can take place in case of contamination to be tested. Pack the samples separately in aluminium foil, for example.

scanning electrone microscope

Our procedure

Failure analysis contant angle measuring device

After viewing all the materials, we will define the framework conditions with you and discuss the analysis tasks, test methods and work steps that we have to perform. After receipt of your order you will receive an order confirmation, in which all details regarding test period, contact person and price are summarised. Finally, we carry out the commissioned tests and summarise the results in a report.

Failure analysis HPLC
infrared spectroscopy

Our offer

I would be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for your questions about materials and error analysis:

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