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Characterisation data for relevant printing conditions


TitleDescription/abstractVersionDateFile typeFile sizeDownload
FOGRA51-FOGRA52 Archive contains the characterisation data (Fogra Standards) FOGRA51, FOGRA51 spectral and FOGRA52. V1.0 23.09.2020 zip 180 KB Download
FOGRA1-FOGRA38 Archive contains all "older" characterisation data from FOGRA1 to FOGRA38. V1.0 23.09.2020 zip 1 MB Download
MediaWedge Subsets - FOGRA39 to FOGRA60 The archive contains the Fogra MediaWedge CMYK V3.0 subsets with 72 patches including the 128 RGB based patches for the Fogra MediaWedge Textile V1 for FOGRA58. V1.0 27.01.2022 zip 36 KB Download
MediaWedge Subset - FOGRA55 1.0 04.05.2023 txt 5 KB Download
MediaWedge Subset - FOGRA58 The text file contains the Fogra MediaWedge Textile RGB V1.0 subset for FOGRA58 with 128 patches 05.05.2022 txt 5 KB Download
FOGRA39 to FOGRA60 Set includes all Fogra standards from FOGRA39 until FOGRA60 (including the final FOGRA58 version) 02.06.2024 zip 841 KB Download

Characterization data by Fogra

Overview of all current Fogra Standards

Note: ICC Profiles can be downlaoded from:  European Color Initiative (ECI)

Char.-FilePrinting processScreening (acco. to)Substrate1CMY2K3RemarksICC-Profile
FOGRA60Metal decoration offset60/cmMC1, white coatedA7A7based on ISO 12647-9:2021Metal Printing MPC1 FOGRA60
FOGRA59Colour ExchangeSpace----eciCMYK_V2eciCMYK_v2
FOGRA58Colour ExchangeSpace----Textile-RGBTextileRGB - FOGRA58
FOGRA57Sheet fed offset +
Glossy OPP
60/cmPS 1/2A*A*printing based on FOGRA51PSO Coated v3 Glossy laminate
FOGRA56Sheet fed offset +
Matte OPP
60/cmPS 1/2A*A*printing based on FOGRA51PSO Coated v3 Matte laminate
FOGRA55Colour ExchangeSpace--  CMYKOGVFOGRA55_TAC300_CL
FOGRA54Web offset
60/cmPS6 (super calandered, uncoated, SC-B)B*B* PSO SC-B Paper v3
FOGRA53Colour ExchangeSpace---- eciCMYK
FOGRA52Sheet fed offset60/cmPS 5 (uncoated stock with OBA)C*C* PSO Uncoated v3
FOGRA51Sheet fed offset60/cmPS 1, former PT 1/2A*A* PSO Coated v3
FOGRA50Sheet fed offset +
60/cmPT1/2ABprinting based on FOGRA39PSO_Coated_v2_300_Glossy_laminate
FOGRA49Sheet fed offset +
60/cmPT1/2ABprinting based on FOGRA39PSO_Coated_v2_300_Matte_laminate
FOGRA48Rollenoffset Heatset60/cmImproved newsprint (INP)CD PSO INP Paper
FOGRA47Sheet fed offset60/cmPT4CDsubstitutes
FOGRA46Web offset
60/cmPT3BC PSO_LWC_Satndard
FOGRA45Web offset
60/cmLWC improvedBC PSO_LWC_Improved
FOGRA44Sheet fed offsetNP4 (FM)PT4FF PSO_Uncoated_Npscreen_ISO12647
FOGRA43Sheet fed offsetNP4 (FM)PT1/2FF PSO_Coated_Npscreen_ISO12647
FOGRA42Web offset
60/cmStandard news print paperCDCIELAB values are bb (6)PSO_SNP_paper
FOGRA41Web offset
60/cmMFCBC PSO_MFC_Paper
FOGRA40Web offset
60/cmSCBC SC Paper
FOGRA39Sheet fed offset60/cmPT1/2AB ISO Coated v2


1PT1 = Paper type 1 = 115 g/m2glossy coated
PT2 = Paper type 2 = 115 g/m2 matt coated
PT3 = Paper type 3 = 65 g/m2 LWC web offset
PT4 = Paper type 4 = 115 g/m2 uncoated white offset
PT5 = Paper type 5 = 115 g/m2 uncoated yellowish offset
2Tone value increase CMY
3one value increaseK
4NP = non periodic , 20 µm or 30 µm
5Surface finishing of standardized printings with matt/glossy OPP laminating films
*TVI curves are different from ISO 12647-2:2007. 
6The measurement data have been adapted to reflect readings on black backing (bb). Use these values for PSO solid coloration 1:1 (on black backing). Proofing remains unchanged.
7TVI curve A from ISO 12647-9 is different from ISO 12647-2:2015. Don't confuse them.

Further Details

Characterisation data combine the device-dependent control values (e.g. K, RGB, CMYK, CMYKOGV etc.) with the resulting colour values (e.g. CIELAB). If a printing condition is highly relevant to practice, especially from the point of view of Fogra members, a “normal” measurement file is converted into a Fogra standard: FOGRAXX.

Admittedly, publication only takes place after extensive testing, especially in consultation with the relevant industry representatives such as the bvdm and the ECI.

In addition to the characterisation data (RGB, CMYK or CMYKOGV) you will also find the respective extracted values of the Fogra MediaWedge (CMYK or Multicolor).

Is there only one ICC profile for each characterisation file?

In addition to the recommended ICC profiles of the ECI, there are other manufacturers who create ICC profiles based on the Fogra characterization data. These differ both in gamut mapping and in the respective separation characteristics. Consequently, the separation results are also different. This difference in data preparation (but not in proofing) must be taken into account when using these profiles.

However, the transformation from CMYK to CIELAB is identical, so applications using these tables such as proofing will not produce different results. An overview of typical ICC profiles with the respective characterisation data can be found here.