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FograCert: Laser Codability

Materials & Environment Press releases 03/07/2022

Fogra strengthens its efforts in labelling and is FFPI-certified

At the end of 2021, a stationary CO2 laser of the type D620i-Tech (Domino Deutschland GmbH) with a wavelength of 9.3 µm was set up in the laboratory of the Materials & Environment department. This laser is used to check and certify laser codability (FograCert Laser Codability) as a supplement to the existing inkjet labelling certification (FograCert DOD Labelling). To ensure that the new Fogra certification is also recognised by the pharmaceutical industry, Fogra has become an accredited laboratory for the FFPI (Research Association Folding Cartons for the Pharmaceutical Industry) in February 2022.

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Fogra strengthens its efforts in labelling with the FograCert Laser Codability.